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About -Rage-

There are 5 rules.


1. Follow the leader. This means to follow and obey the squad leader. In the field of battle, the Squad Leader outranks ALL other members in the group...even officers and the guild leader.
The squad leader is like the captain of a ship...he/she is in charge REGARDLESS of guild ranks.

2. -Rage- attacks. -Rage- ALWAYS attacks, no hesitation, no question. Odds don't matter.

3. -Rage- never runs. Once engaged, we fight to the death. Never show fear. Better to die in battle with your guildmates than to have your guildmates abandon you in a fight.

4. All -Rage- members are expected to be self sufficient. We do not tolerate begging. We also place great value on helping each other out voluntarily. We always look to strengthen our guild by strengthening our members.
Always look for opportunities to assist your guildmates, but NEVER expect assistance without reciprocating and helping others in return.

5. When a member of -Rage- calls for help, we respond. No questions asked. If a member of -Rage- gets attacked, we hit the attackers with everything we've got.
Noone fucks with -Rage- without paying a price. Noone.

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